Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crowd Critique

This is the official launch of Crowd Critique as part of my Master's thesis! Provide your ideas and input throughout a project's design process. It's a platform for virtual brainstorming. Help the Stratford High School Spartans, in Nashville TN, build a vision for their home baseball field!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby Shower for the Duchess

09 December 2012

After arriving yesterday on the usual overnight flight from Toronto, I took the tube and a bus to Marco and Prateek's new flat. Their place is a little southeast of King's Cross and currently has a great view on the 9th floor (see below). A view that will soon be obstructed by another tower. Soon after I dropped my bags and had some coffee to revive myself, the three of us traveled over to Covent Garden so Marco could grab his laptop from a friend. The market was packed as you might expect during the Christmas season so the people-watching was quality. I'm now convinced that Prateek is Kevin Johnson's Indian version. During our 30 minute walk, he pointed out at least 4 places that he claimed have "very good cakes." I restrained from the cakes but we did split a Hong Kong waffle. mmmmmm

Prateek and Marco then needed to do some IKEA shopping so I split from them and headed to Westminster to check out the Abbey, etc. Unfortunately the Abbey had already closed for the day but the setting sun made for some nice exterior photos. I won't bore you with more architecture photos though. After getting my tourist fix, I went back to the flat to shower and get ready for our dinner at the Oxford & Cambridge Club. MBC is a member so he organized a holiday dinner for a large group of us. The Club was impressive and the food was very good. The highlights were seeing Helen get reprimanded for taking photos inside, crashing Mike Parret's 60th birthday party(Cohort 17), and the Sweet Trolley (yes, a trolley of cakes). Overall it was a great evening so many thanks goes to MBC for organizing it!
Check out these classy dudes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deep thoughts, lovely walks

The first half of our week has inspired some deep thinking about my overall aim with this masters. We've had very useful sessions on research methods, writing skills, and negotiation tactics which all would have been great to learn 10 years ago. The biggest thing on my mind this week has been my potential thesis topic. Listening to many of my colleagues brilliant ideas, I'm beginning to feel the pressure of the decision. We are to turn in a one page statement about the direction friday so I plan to keep it broad. 

Last night was Formal Hall so the dress robes were busted out again and it was another nice time to meet new people and discuss things way beyond my capacity. Of course these discussions continued to the Wolfson Bar and for some, into town. 

The college is starting to be transformed with tents and such for the big June Event on friday so the excitement is building. Think chocolate fountains, helicopter rides, and bumper cars. I'm also looking forward to seeing my Aunt Cindi tomorrow night who is in town for business. 

Check out the beautiful walk we enjoy everyday from Wolfson to the Engineering building. Puts Ball State's 'cowpath' to shame.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wolfson Time

Cambridge was buzzing with tourists Sunday as you might expect in June. After checking in around 1 at Wolfson, I headed to rent a tuxedo in town for the June Event on Friday. When I returned to Wolfson, a garden party was going on with a brass band (see pic). I joined in but only knew few people from random discussions at past formal halls.
At 7, Sebastian showed up with pizzas and it was great to see rest of Cohort 18. We all caught up and watched some Euro Cup soccer with some woolly bar beverages.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Henry V

It was smooth travels to London besides a security breach in Toronto that delayed customs a bit. I made it to Judith and Peters place in Chiswick around 930 and we they made a tasty poached egg breakfast. They live right on the Thames in a quiet neighborhood.

Around Noon Judith and I made our way to the Wallace Collection where Helen gave us an awesome behind the scenes tour. The highlight for me was their amazing armor collection. So I tried some on of course.

I was only getting in character for the Shakespeare play we saw later at the Globe! We saw Henry V. Although I had been up for 36 hours straight, it was a surreal place to see a show. It was very intimate and surprisingly funny. Back to Cambridge today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sustaining the Hearth

June 13 2012

I'm looking forward to another week in Cambridge. Pour yourself a glass of scotch, sit by your fireplace (so what if it's summer), and read about Sustaining the Hearth in my latest essay:


Bask in the glow. Feel the warmth. Smell the wood.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Green

24 March 2012

It's been a beautiful weekend so far in Cambridge. After they typical long day of travel, plane-plane-train-tube-train, I checked into Wolfson for a night. I dropped my bags in the room and headed for Kettle's Yard gallery to check off another one of my Cambridge "to do's." Unfortunately, the gallery is under refurbishment so there wasn't much to see. Next visit I guess. There is a 900+ year old chapel on the site though so I asked for the key and had a look inside. It's very small and vernacular but the light hitting its white walls and the intimacy gives it a cozy spirituality. So next I wanted to go inside a couple of the colleges I hadn't seen yet. King's College Chapel was closed for choir rehearsal so I had a look inside Trinity Chapel. The intricate wood ceiling with the college shields impressed me the most (see below).

Trinity Chapel 

Green outside Darwin College

It is the end of term so there are still many full time students on campus and with the warm weather, everyone was out enjoying the grounds. I decided to join them and took a short nap on one of the greens like a normal college kid, minus the BYOB. Feeling refreshed, I gave my classmate Bill a call who I knew was staying with his family nearby. I met his wife Sarah and daughter Maura and caught up with Bill a bit. Bill, Sarah, and I ended up grabbing dinner and a beer at the Eagle. Having walked 10 miles total for the day, I had nothing left after dinner so it was back to Wolfson for bed.